Meet the Characters of "The 11th Hour" Part 1: The Target

Name: Samuel Abel
Age: 28
Hair: Brownish-red
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: The East Edge

Personality: Samuel is a somber individual due to spending his entire life watching Nicolae drive "New America" into the ground. At first, he may seem cold and serious, but this is merely because he is filled with guilt; despite his cold and serious impression, however, Samuel possesses and incredible amount of charm, which he uses to his advantage more often than not.

Biography: Samuel Abel was born 8 years before the first year of Nicolae's reign. His parents, having already had one son, neither expected nor wanted another child. Because of this, he was raised by his older brother, who took pity on him for reasons he did not know. When Nicolae took power, Samuel was too young to understand politics, but old enough to know the new leader was not all he claimed to be. As he grew, so did a hatred for the man that claimed to be helping those in poverty, and once he was on his own he began building up a resistance against him. He possessed an understanding of how a government should be run that not only went against everything Nicolae preached, but made far more sense... if anyone was willing to stop and listen.

By the time he was 18, Samuel had become an enemy to Nicolae, and thus an enemy to all of New America. He proved too smart for the dictator, however, and continued to evade the man's grasp as well as build his resistance. His moves were unpredictable, and not confined to the boundaries of New America. He spent majority of his time raising awareness in other countries, giving them examples of Nicolae's tyranny and promising them that he would not hesitate to conquer them, as soon as he figured out how to spin it positively.

And he would figure it out. It was what he did.

For ten years, Samuel divided his time between New America and the other countries that had not already allied themselves with the dictator, constantly one step ahead of Nicolae. But, while he had more support than he could ask for, no one was willing to make a move. No one was willing to risk war. He decided the only thing he could do was what he should have done all along: kill Nicolae himself. This would require planning, however. And planning required time... something he didn't have if he hoped to get close enough to Nicolae to observe him. He knew he would be on the chopping block before anything could be put together. And without him, he had no doubt that the resistance he had built the better half of his life building would crumble.

At 28 years of age, Samuel chose to risk everything in an attempt to liberate New America. Problem was, he couldn't be the one to assassinate him. Not directly. He needed someone to take the blame.

His return to NA coincided perfectly with the preparation period of Nicolae's competition, The 11th Hour... which meant appearing on his radar would almost assure he was the target of this year's game... but it also meant 90% of the poverty stricken citizens were now legally killers for hire. He simply needed to find someone that had a bone to pick with Nicolae, someone that would jump at the chance to assassinate him... someone that could - and would - actually do it.

A feat easier said than done.

Skills of note: Samuel is exceptional at staying off the grid. Very little can be found about him, and his excessive charm keeps anyone from digging too deeply.

Flaws: Samuel is his father's son, and thus possesses a familial arrogance that has, on occasion, caused him to talk a bit too much.

Based on: Xabier Alonso

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