DADC: The Blanket

Few... today ended up being a little bit more blog-hectic than I thought it would be!! BUT, ALAS, I have completed Day 1 of my "Drabble a Day" challenge... which, I've been informed, my friend Jenny is doing as well! So everyone should take a peek at her blog for some more interesting literary tidbits!

Anyway, today's blog isn't going to be nearly as meaty as some in the past, because - along with today's drabble - I was also given the opportunity to fill in for my friend Justin over at his blog.

So, this is just a quick little post to let everyone know I accomplished the goal for today, and have written my first drabble thing...

Also, There's a vlog to come in the next few days (hopefully), so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I suppose I should set up the story... it's called the Blanket because, well, it's about a blanket. A particular blanket, actually. One of the little boys I watch lost his favorite blanket a few days back, and for whatever reason I just really wanted to write this. I'm hoping to be able to write a few children's drabbles while I do this, get a few stories under my belt or something. Who knows. Anyway, without further ado:

The Blanket

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