A story a day keeps the doctor at bay... as long as it's written that way!

So I'm gonna try something new for February.

My friend Jordan has been posting a sketch a day over on her blog, and I really love what she's been turning out. Plus, it's really been inspiring me... she's said in a few of her posts that posting a sketch a day isn't really helping her self esteem... and while I think she's doing a great job, I also admire that she continues to do it, regardless of how well she feels she's doing.

So, I'm going to try and do the same... but since I'm crapsticks when it comes to drawing, I'm going to try and write something everyday. Mostly, it'll be little drabbles... probably not the most amazing written pieces in the world, but it'll be a way for me to try out new writing techniques, and just get some practice in.

IF you have any ideas for any possible stories (remember to keep in mind that it's a story a day, so no LOTR-esque prompts please lol) or what not, feel free to leave them!! You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post, OR in the comment box to the right, or head on over to my SUGGESTION BOX and leave them for me there. :)

Each story will be posted to a shiny new LJ account which will be linked to from HEEE-YAH.

It is your attitude of a task that determines success or failure.

So... that's what's to come for February. Also, February is Spock month. My calendar says so. woo. Happy Spock Month. Live long and prosper.

Peace out.

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