Do you know the Muffin Man? He lives on Wisteria Lane...

Okay, so maybe the muffin man doesn't, but Susan, Lynette, Gabrielle, Bree, Katherine, and Angie do. And, starting late Spring, so will John Barrowman.

Seeing as I've used this little Christmas - Present (see what I did there? Christmas? Present? CHRISTMAS PRE--moving on) to fall in love with Barrowman, I was absolutely thrilled to tears that he's going to be on Desperate Housewives. Why? Because I... um... well... I... Ilovedesperatehousewives. I'm sorry... you didn't hear me? Well... I said... um... I... *coughlovedesperatehousewivescough* You STILL didn't hear me? Alright fine.

I love Desperate Housewives.

I know, I know. I'll give you a moment to judge me. ...done? Okay. The sad thing about this all is I can't even explain why I love it. It's not like I'm this insane Eva Longoria fangirl (though I do love Teri Hatcher!). I can't say I started watching because of Jesse Metcalfe. I can't even say I was intrigued by the idea of the narrator being the late Mary Alice, although the mystery surrounding her was pretty awesome. I just really, honestly, like the show. It really baffles me, though, because I am seriously so picky about what I watch.

As it stands, I only really watch Heroes, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Psych. There are so many new shows that I want to check out, like Flash Forward or White Collar or Demons that look so interesting, but I just can't make myself watch them. And there are other shows that I should like, that I have every reason to like, but I don't... like Glee. Still there are other shows I would love to watch regularly, like Mad Men, Leverage, and Entourage, but I can't because that would require me to make time.

But Desperate Housewives which, on paper, shouldn't appeal to me at all, is a must-see on my agenda. If I had to try and pinpoint a reason, I would probably say the show is smart. It's just really, really... smart. The cast is great and every character is so necessary (Even Edie who I've despised since episode is missed), and it doesn't focus on just one character. Plus, they show how even the most innocent of situations - i.e. a suburban neighborhood - can still be ripe with delightfully evil people. Because everyone can be evil. The writing is really good, too... and while the previews have always painted it as this soap opera-y love fest, even the love stories are amazing and so well done. And, as someone pointed out earlier, the show was able to jump 5 years in its 5th season and is still just as strong as it was in Season 1. It's funny (OMJ, when Carlos' mother got hit by that car), moving, and gripping at the same time. And casting Barrowman only proves how smart the show is.

Although... what it really comes down to is: Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. And I'm finding I have quite a few. So... consider this post the first in a new segment known as... you guessed it: Guilty Pleasures! It's kind of like what "Song of the Day" has become, because really... that's all those songs are; Guilty pleasures.

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