I hate changing my password to anything... ever.

No, seriously. Like, I changed my password for my blog account because I don't trust Steph and Jolls with I mean... because I just felt like a change. Problem is, every time I log in, I immediately type the old one. I fear one day I will forget the new password and will NEVER be able to access my blog EVER AGAIN.

*dramatic fill music*

BUT I DIGRESS. That is NOT why I started writing this post. I started writing this post because, in my desperate attempt to acquire caffeine, I downed a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte in no time at all. Downed it.

And now I'm as hyper as as an ADHD kid in a candy store... that forgot to take their meds... AND National Novel Writing Month is write around the corner.

Anyone who doesn't know, National Novel Writing Month is like National Blog Posting Month... except, instead of writing a blog every day for a month, that participator is challenged to write a 100 page (50,000 words) novel in 30 days.

Take a moment and read that again... I had to read it a few times before it sunk in.

Here's the kicker, though... I signed up. I know, right? I figure, if I'm going to do this, November would be my one chance to give it a fair shot. And, if I put it off till next year, it'll never happen. No excuses... it worked for my "diet", it'll work here too.

So, starting November 1, I will be spending my free time at home or in the library, feverishly trying to put together a novel. I mean, it's not like I'll get in trouble if I don't complete it - the website congratulates you for even trying - but... how cool would it be to walk away and at least SAY I wrote a novel? It's allowed to be crap... heck, it's EXPECTED. You're advised not to edit, not to draft, not to proof read... just to write. You have to rely on your raw talent - if you have any... which is questionable in my case, haha - to produce something of interest. And once it's finished, once you've completed your novel, there's nothing to stop you from going back and sprucing it up... if you really care that much.

And who knows? I could walk away from this the next Stephanie Meyer! XD

A few ideas have come to mind, but the one that really seems to interest me involves Greek and Roman mythology... I'm fairly versed on the topic but not as much as I'd like to be, so I've got to do a bit of research. I haven't decided if doing research ahead of time is fair or not, so I've been holding off... I think I'll be okay as long as I don't start writing till the first... not to mention, I don't want to do like, hard core research, just a few things.

Grammar Girl is going to be the one thing I'll be hitting hard. First Drafts of anything for me are wicked rough and the amount of grammar mistakes would KILL me. Literally. They would jump off the screen and murder me like the literary delinquents they are. And they wouldn't care. I think that's what's hardest to accept here... they just wouldn't care.

So that will be my goal for November. If I'm really lucky, I'll blow straight through November 17th without even NOTICING! And I should have a few days off for Thanksgiving and what not... it'll be a good chance for me to just write write WRITE!

I seriously just want to get it done... the good news is, I have a device that will help me... I can record ideas that I get and what not. YEAH! GO TECHNOLOGY!

My brain is doing this thing where it thinks of like, 18 different things... and my eyes are bouncing around my room... so I need to end this. BUT JUST SO YOU KNOW - that's what I'll be doing in November. Writing. MAYBE it'll be worth reading. Probably not. BUT I'M DOING IT. Not like that push up challenge that I NEVER. EVEN. STARTED.

"Oh my gosh it'll be so cool and I'm gonna get so strong and it's like this really easy program and I can't wait to get started!"

Yeah... I still can't wait to get started... XD I will do that, though... eventually... 100 push ups isn't so... bad... yeah... YEAH! I'm gonna do it!

Right after National Novel Writing Month. XD

Um... Rohirrim... for the King? *gulp*

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Stephanie said...

I think I should feel insulted that you dont trust me.. but youre probably right.

Last person who gave me their password for something, I signed them up for porn.. and made silly comments on their account.

Bwahahaha.. jk. Or am I?

dude I so wish I could be hyper with you.. oh and I WANT to be updated how your NaNoWriMo goes! (Mo always makes me think of Mohinder..) I could give you little inpirational pushes.. maybe even a few Bones fics.. Ive never written him.. could be fun.. heh <3

Lauren Ashley said...

Both you and Jolls have demanded updates... hahaha. Makes me feel like I can write! XD

Don't worry, I'll be posting my word count/excerpts regularly.

The cool thing is, the more research I do, the more EXCITED I get about this! :D

Bones fics would be super appreciated... :)