Read Me, Release Me!

I stumbled upon the most AMAZING thing the other day!!

It's called a "traveling book," and basically what it is is a book that basically gets passed around... everywhere, really.

The idea behind it is, what do you do with your books? Sure, some of them you read through more than once, but what about the ones that you don't read again? The traveling book project gives you a use for them!

All you do is get an old book that you know you won't read again, and register it at the website ( and then leave the book on a table at a coffee shop or internet cafe or any place really that's public and has a lot of people traffic. You leave instructions with it, telling what it is and what the person is supposed to do with that book, and that's it!!!!! Let it go into the world!! See how many people read your book!!!

I think it's a fantastic idea, because it's a great way to spread literature!!! :D So, I'm reading my current book, The Unlikely Spy, and hope to start a book of my own on an adventure! :D WEEEEE!

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