Pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing BUT the tooth...

So, I have this cyst in my mouth. I found it last Friday, and it kind of freaked me out, because it was above my upper back right molar, and my wisdom teeth haven't been extracted yet. I was worried it was my wisdom tooth trying to break free, so I made a dentist appointment as quickly as I could.

8 am Wednesday morning. UGH... sooo... early...

Anyway, I rolled myself out of bed Wednesday morning, got ready, and headed to the dentist's office. I got in pretty quickly, too. I was asked what was wrong, I told them about my cyst, and what my fear was.

"I just want to be sure it's not my wisdom tooth," I said. I'd head that cysts show up in the mouth all the time, and if that was the case, then I'd be fine.

"We're just gonna take a few x-rays," the lady told me, and I was fine with that... even though the first one made me gag. After the full mouth x-ray, I went back and waited for Dr. Goodin.

"If I hadn't taken an X-ray," he said as he walked in, "I'd say you had perfect teeth."

At first, this topic elated me. All of my time spent brushing my teeth, buying new and better toothbrushes, finding whitening toothpaste... all my efforts in dental hygiene were not for nothing, and had actually paid off. PERFECT TEETH! The CDO part of my did the devee dance of joy.

Then, I heard the first part. "If I hadn't taken an X-ray." What does that mean? My brain equated it to starting a story with "so... funny story. You're gonna laugh." Such phrases never actually make you laugh, and are instead full of bad news.

Great, I thought. It IS my wisdom tooth growing through the side of my mouth. But then, I remembered the X-ray. There was no way that my wisdom tooth was coming out the side of my mouth, just no way... I had seen the X-ray, and it was where it was supposed to be. So what the heck.

I listened as Dr. Goodin explained that the dark halo around my molar meant that the root of my tooth had in fact died, and become infected. The cyst in my mouth was actually a result of the infected dead root. AWESOME! Give me a minute to dance with joy.

Dr. Goodin then gave me two options:

  1. Get a root canal.
  2. Pull the tooth.

This is where I pressed on the breaks. I'm sorry, this may make me a biyatch... but seriously? What kind of person rewards a dead tooth by allowing it to stay in their mouth? Heck no... that ain't happening. It's a back molar, I don't need it... so I'm getting it pulled.

Basically, what that means, is when I go and get my wisdom teeth pulled, I'm going to have them pull an extra tooth. It also means that it has to happen NOW, before the infection gets worse... :/

Too bad I'm not made of money. Blah.

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