You are now entering theJollity's orbit.

It is I, Jordan (aka theJollity aka Jolls), taking Lauren's place as your Limitless Rambling blogger for today.
She's on a camping trip, so you're going to get four days (count'em four days) worth of guest bloggers! Brace yourselves.

I really should have asked Lauren if she wanted me to blog about anything specific, because right now, I don't know exactly what to say. I would have posted a review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I just saw, but instead I stuck it in my own blog, which I will undoubtedly plug in this entry, like I just did. Heee.

I'm on vacation myself!
I've been in Texas for the past month, livin' it up with my dad, who lives and works here. Whenever summer arrives, I always look forward to going somewhere new, be it a new state or country. I do love to travel, just to be able to get away from home for a while and live it up someplace else. And when I'm not vacationing in Texas and elsewhere, I spend my days in sunny Southern California, which I'm oddly starting to miss.

I'll admit, I haven't actually experienced much of SoCal, especially for having lived there for about 9 years already. I haven't been to Yosemite or Lake Tahoe, I haven't been aboard the Queen Mary or experienced the famed and notorious night life of Los Angeles or even Long Beach. I suppose the latter has been due to my rather strict parents, and the fact that I'm not yet 21 (the magical age). I did, however, get to attend Anime Expo and Comic-Con two years ago, some of the best-known conventions in Southern California, and I took a road trip with my family and my cousin's family up the California coast.

I miss the beach.
Which is odd, because I don't normally even go to the beach.

If you're like me and you're enamored with travelling, it could be easy to take your own location for granted. I live in a nice little suburb, so it's very easy to forget just how many things I have access to. Here in Texas we live in a suburb too, but we take the time to look up what's here and take trips to visit them and have fun. It only recently hit me that I don't do that at home. And why not? Just because it's where I hang my hat?

With this realization, I'm planning to change that.

I've got cousins and friends, and if they're willing to go with me, then hell, I'll plan all sorts of trips and get them all to go! After all, what's a good trip without good company? Not a good trip at all, in my opinion.

I'm going back home in about a week.
It saddens me to leave my dad, but we're actually driving back, stopping at a friend's house along the way. So that's yet another adventure.
And after that, I can start my own adventures—right at home.

Jolls out!
(insert another plug for my personal blog, Sans Raison)

Here is a random picture for your additional enjoyment,
pulled from the excellent comic site, Married to the Sea.


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