Guest Blogger Weekend!!

So, I'm going camping this weekend! A blasty blast weekend in Manrisa! I'm actually extremely excited!! I've been looking forward to getting out of Merced, and spending some time with friends!

I'm returning on Monday, to a concert... unless Godzilla and Mothra throwdown at the beach, it's going to be a truly EPIC weekend!

But today, I realized... I'm participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) this month, and I won't have internet access... SO...

I've set it up so you will receive a number of guest bloggers for the weekend! If it all works out, I can have a new blogger a day! :D

I think it'll be good for everyone to get a fresh blog style for a while... SO - I bring you your first GUEST BLOGGER WEEKEND!!! :D



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