Update - Eating Better is the First Step...

I've been to the gym once. I have to wait for my dad to come back from rafting in order to go again, but on the food front, I think I've been doing quite well.

I haven't been eating too many snacks, and for that matter, too many sweets. I have something sweet here and there, but lately we've had fruits in the house - like cherries and grapes - that have helped to curve the sweet cravings.

I haven't been eating super healthy, but I've been cutting back on my whites... I haven't had white bread in who knows how long, and I haven't had any white rice, either. White sugar... well, that's another story. But I'm trying.

And I'm sticking to it, which is actually shocking... I've kept snacking to a minimum, snacking on fruits as much as I can. And I just got back from the store... whole wheat noodles, whole wheat bagels, whole wheat EVERYTHING.

I'm looking forward to making this a lifestyle, because it's fun looking for healthy things to eat! :D

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