Moonfruitful Spoils

What the hell is a Mac Book Pro? Seriously, I hear so much about them on a regular basis, and I have NO IDEA what they are. I mean, I know what a Mac Book is... but a Mac Book PRO? What makes it Pro? Has it downloaded enough giga bites to make the leap out of the little leagues? *shrugs* Who knows...

However, I guess the best way to find out what a MBP is, is to get one... and if anyone participates in Moonfruit's current contest - which I'm sure has boosted their twitter popularity through the roof - they may get the chance to get one for FREE.

To celebrate Moonfruit's 10th birthday we are giving away 10 new Macbook Pro's, one each day for 10 days! If you've never seen one of these in real life, they are just as svelte and beautifully crafted as they look in the pictures, we can't keep our hands off them! (I'm using on now, but not one of the competition ones obviously ;-) )

Check the full details of the competition at and follow us @moontweet to find out who the winners are each day.

We wouldn't be here today without all you wonderful people building websites with us and allowing us to support you in your online adventures. So a special thanks to the 2m+ of you who've built a site with us!

Happy tweeting!

Okay... so... how AMAZING does your site have to be to give away 10 Mac Book Pro's over the course of Ten Days? I know nothing about MBPs, but seriously, if iPods are expensive, and lap tops are expensive, and anything with the word "PRO" attached to it is NEVER cheap... just... WOW.

For those of you who don't know what Moonfruit is, exactly:

For a decade we've been providing Do-It-Yourself web site building tools to small businesses, communities, families, designers, crafters, freelancers and individuals who just want to express themselves. To be precise they've built 2.1m so far.

So, there you have it. They help people build websites. They've done it for ten years. And, if you celebrate their birthday, you may very well get a mac book pro. Can Moonfruit ever stop being cool? I submit that it cannot!

So happy 10th birthday, Moonfruit! May the next ten be just as (moon)fruitful!


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