Update #2 - finding what works for me

It's only been about a week and a half, and already my craving for sweets is starting to wean. Likewise, the jump to wheat bread/wheat noodles has been easy as pie.

The hardest part has been snacking less... I've been keeping to fruit whenever I want a snack. (Last night I really wanted something before dinner, and opted for buying a small mixed fruit bowl. It was delicious!) The biggest time for this is RIGHT BEFORE DINNER. I eat healthier, and actually eat less, and so right before dinner, I'm really hungry.

I've been letting go of fast food slowly, too, getting ready for August when I cut it off completely. So far, in the past week and a half, all I've had is Panda Express - and I ate less than I normally do - and Applebee's... but at Applebee's I had a salad. It hasn't been easy, especially when I'm driving around right before dinner and I'm hungry and I can SMELL the fast food.... but I feel like I'm making progress. As far as soda goes, that's been the easiest. We don't really keep that much in the house, and I'm picky about my sodas as it is... so if I can't find a soda I REALLY like, then I have no problem not getting soda at all.

And, interestingly enough, I've cut out coffee. I was only entertaining the idea when I started this diet, but in the past week and a half, I haven't had any, and surprisingly have only craved it once.

I stumbled a bit last night and had potatoes with the steak... but they were baked with the steak, and they were red instead of brown. I don't know if that's any healthier, but there was no butter and what not added in. They were just cubed and cooked with the steak. The more I start cooking, however, the more I'll start to buy myself some sweet potatoes to cook along with the family's white potatoes. :)

My dad gets back next week, so the gym thing will be able to start up, as well... and once I get the food thing a little more under control, I can work on other things like working out and going to bed at a decent hour.



P.S. To everyone who's given me recipes or ideas or helped out in any way, thank you SO MUCH!!! :D It really helps!

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