You wanna be the Lone Ranger, or the Cisco Kid?

Man this blogging thing is hard... XD I can't think of anything to blog about. I've been writing a lot, but none of it is worth blogging about. *sigh* I promise, you'll get something worth reading about soon...

I am watching Stand By Me... one of my favorite movies. It's hilarious... but I gotta ask, and maybe some of you can explain it to me... how is dodging a train "just like the beach on Normandy?"

Thus a kid who had illegally scaled the junkyard fence might hear the dreaded cry of "Chomper, sick balls!"

"Chris Chambers never misses!"

"Not even when the ladies leave the seat down!"

Ah... love this movie! There aren't enough movies about friendship and coming of age and all that stuff. :) Great cast, too.

Anyway... ending this... :D Yay!

Let's get this!


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