Wow... it took me a long time to write such a short post...

My brain fires strangely... it thinks of things in very odd, and sometimes creative, ways... some days are better than others. Today, I found myself thinking - gee I should hurry up and post... and then getting quickly distracted. 'Golly, I sure do like the way my fingers move when I type!! I pretty much just let them do their thing! It's like a dance... almost... a choreographed dance that only they know... what was I going to do?? Oh well, must be nothing.'

Xbox has been talking to me recently... no... it hasn't ACTUALLY been talking, but I've started playing it again. I'm fairly into a game that we got - Quake 4... I'd played Quake, and my brothers had played Quake 3, so we figured we'd give 4 a spin... I like it so far. It's similar to Halo, but a little easier to handle... better weapons, minus the plasma sword... and I like the controls a tad bit better. My only grievance is I hate having to be in a vehicle... I'm much better with my nail gun... or even better, my scoped machine gun... HEADSHOT! :D

Not a lot to report, except that I chopped a lot of my hair off... I'll have pics up as soon as I can. :)

I suppose I should tie change into this somehow, huh? Now that I think about the them of January, I wonder how that applies... do you have to mention the word change in every post, or can the change just be described?? Like, a changing of one's mind, or a change in their daily routine??? Exactly how profound of a change does it have to be?? Who knows... but one thing is for certain... when I started NaBloPoMo for January, I thought it'd be a good idea... I'm beginning to CHANGE my mind... XD

Let's Get This!


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