My cellular, bananular phone - a phone with a peel!

Silly little God winks make my day, no joke!!! I woke up this morning, completely exhausted - I haven't been sleeping well - and immediately, for WHAT. EVER. REASON. Started singing the banana phone song. If you've never heard it, you NEED to. It's quite possibly one of the most fun, non sensical songs in the entire world, and I've been singing it all day. I assumed it was just cuz I was tired or what not... but to tell the truth, the more I sang it, the more I laughed, and the more energy I got. So by this point, I'm absolutely hyper as all git out... lol. Here's the banana phone song for your enjoyment!!!

I KNOW, RIGHT?? lol... I love how I just responded to whatever your reaction to that song was... haha! Like I said, I'm super hyper... I kinda want a banana now...

Scientist #1: Oh shut up! What are we going to do about this monkey problem?

...Gorilla... ANYWAY... as I was saying - the song has been stuck in my head all day, and I haven't had any gripes... so I was playin' around online, just lookin' at stuff, and of course ended up on the New Kids site. There was a video posted that I hadn't watched yet, though I had seen it many times before and decided to give it a look see.

I about peed myself with laughter... watch it and see if you can spot WHY I was laughing. :)

Find more videos like this on New Kids on the Block

DID YOU SEE IT?? If you didn't... well, then... I don't know what to tell you except, watch it again and pay attention to Donnie's phone... lol. Seriously... there's no other reason for me to have 1. had that song in my head and 2. watched that video the same day I had that song stuck in my head, except that it was planned that way by someone upstairs... hahaha. I'm seriously laughing so hard right now... yay!!!

Now - what I'm thankful for... I'm thankful for the great cast I have working with me in the Christmas musical drama. :) I had so much fun at rehearsal last night, thanks you guys!!!! :)

Get ya mind right - THAT MEANS YOU, KAYLA!


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Jordan said...

Banana phone song = AWESOME.
I love the end bits -

It's a phone wit' a peel!
Now you can have your phone and eat it, too!
This song drives me, BANANAS!