I'll have an extra long Coney Dog, please...

So - HANK IS FINE! THANK GOODNESS!!! We got him back last night, he was in a bit of pain but doing better than when he left... he had no problem walking around and what not...

Poor guy looks like a holocaust dog!!! He's shaved in a number of places, the biggest patch on his back, and smaller ones on his chest and near his legs. He also has a bunch of small, balloon-like tubes sticking out of him, and he has to wear a cone around his neck.

It isn't the first time he's had to wear a cone - when he was younger, I accidently slammed his tail in the door and he needed stitches, so he wore one then. I think, now, he's a bit more used to it, and he likes it a tad more because this one is see through, so he can see where he's going. He lies around a lot - hasn't been extremely active, but I assume that's because he's in a bit of pain. Took some meds this morning, gets some more tomorrow, then after that, he has to deal with it.

We've been giving him his antibiotics by rolling them up in pieces of bread - he doesn't even chew them, just swallows them lol!

I think the grossest part are the tubes - there's in there so everything just drains out.... *shudders* it's gross.

We had to take his crate apart, too, so he could get in with his cone head... lol. It's going to take him a good 20 days to heal, and he has to have the cone on for 10 of those days. He also has a bunch of appointments he has to go to - let this be a lesson to all of you dogs who decide you want to go sniffing around... make sure you have a friend!! Reservation dogs attack swiftly and in packs! And it takes rocks to make them go away! BUDDY UP FOR SAFETY!

He looks a mess, and it cost quite a bit of money, but he's going to be okay, and I'm thankful for that. I don't know what I'd do without my Hanky! :)

And thank you to everyone who wished him well!!!

In other news - Rodrigo y Gabriela - if you don't know who they are, find out. They're amazing! W00t!!! They're like... they're like Alejandro and Maya from Heroes, except instead of useless powers, they have AWESOME guitar powers! Give them a listen!! :) I have their album "Rodrigo y Gabriela," and it has some awesome songs on it - most notably "Diablo Rojo" and "Viking Man," as well as "Ixtapa" and "Satori."

Get ya mind right.


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