Word of the day: EPIC

I don't have a lot to blog about right now, but I'm leaving in a couple hours for the Theoria concert in Walnut Creek, so you'll probably get an update about that when I get home, as well some video tomorrow. :)

As for now, I apologize for this weak post. :D


I'm freezing... it's so dang cold in my room... oh man is it cold!

I got back a little while ago from the concert. Theoria managed to exceed my expectations, putting on a show FAR BETTER than the one on Saturday night... the one on Saturday night was Epic... I have no idea what word explains how they were tonight... I'll find something in Greek... hahaha. They always have better words! I got as much video as I possibly could and it's going up on facebook and youtube as we speak... I also took a couple pictures, but I'm sure Heather's turned out better. I'm gonna go ahead and call it a night. I'll try to get you some epicness tomorrow. :) Believe me... even if you don't care for the music... you'll have to agree... the car ride home was nothing short of Epic... :)

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