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As most of the blockheads well know, our boys post a blog - and lately, we haven't recieved a lot of updates, save for a couple from Jon as he went to vote and when he was unable to sleep on the bus... but really, nothing really like the blog posts we're used to getting. Today, Jon updated the blog... and imagine my dismay to see it was a rant. He asked us all to spread the word, so I'm going to do that. Below is Jon's blog post: 


I saw a post about my bus driving down the wrong side of the
expressway. Yes, this did happen, and I am not happy about it. I was in
the front seat sh***ng my pants. Every night leaving our shows people
like you who posted are going to kill us or yourselves!!!!! You need to
stop driving up on our buses like you do. You are dealing with 22 tons
of steel that cannot stop or change lanes on a dime. Half the time you
are hanging out your windows and flashing your camera flashes into our
drivers eyes, paying no attention to what you are doing! You caused my
driver to become so disorientated that night. A certain few of you need
to chill out and be more responsible adults! What are you trying to
gain by doing this. Do you think we are going to pull over and say hi?
Do you think you are going to follow us to our hotel? 99% of the time
we are heading on to the next city several hours away! Please pull it
together. I don’t want to die in some stupid accident. I appreciate you
coming to the shows, don’t get me wrong. I just had to address this
post because it is real and not some cute fantasy! Please spread the
word to everyone. This is a serious matter. As an adult I am going to
keep it real with you. If you’re acting stupid I will flat out tell you
to your face, “you’re being stupid”. So, in this instance, A VERY SMALL

Much respect and appreciation!

now that that is off my chest………….happy blogs coming soon!


Look, you guys - I know this blog post probably isn't directed at any of you that read my blog, but I do want to point out that, while it is our job as blockheads to freak out and scream and cheer and sing and love our boys to no end, it's also our job to respect them and their space, and not do anything that would endanger them, or ourselves! We can't go to the New Kids concerts if any of them are hurt! I think it's safe to say we all care about the boys - this was proven when Jordan pretended to sprain his ankle, and everyone really freaked out. We obviously don't want our boys to be hurt, so let's do what we can to keep them safe! 

I'm not saying don't swarm them, don't love them - just swarm them when they say it's okay. When they're on their bus and leaving, when they're at their hotel, when they say no more pictures and no more face time, we need to respect that. They've proven that they're more than HAPPY to oblige us with all the face time we could ever hope for, so when they've retreated to the solitude of their bus or hotel, it's time to back off and give them their time. :) Like I stated before, and Jon said as well, you aren't only endangering them, but yourselves as well. He's right, we ARE adults, and there are times when we need to act like it. 

I really respect Jon - he was never my boy of choice, but he has always drawn respect from me - still does. I've seen him on countless interviews, on stage, THS, BtM, all of those things, and know he's a sweetheart. Countless friends that have met him have told me he's a sweetheart - but I have also seen those same things where his emotions take control... but those instances, at least shown to us, are few and far between. He's really angry in his post, so I think it's safe to say this isn't another hoax, and we need to take it seriously (he won't even let anyone comment on it!). I'd appreciate it if everyone that read this, either here or on the NKOTB site will have the same respect for Jon to respect his wishes. I realize he's speaking of a certain instance, but he's also speaking to everyone when he says to not do anything that would endanger anyone's lives. 

We ALL love our boys, and don't want anything to happen to them, so please be responsible!!! 

On a happier note, I watched a special Behind the Music yesterday... I thought it was going to be an old one, but to my surprise, it was new!!! Covered a lot of stuff I didn't know, and had a lot of priceless moments in it, including a lot between Donnie and Joe. But it was absolutely a pleasant surprise to have a NEW Behind the Music - I checked my local listings and it isn't on again in the next week... but if anyone else watched it, I would LOVE to talk about it! :) 

Also, this Friday on VH1 is a "100 Biggest Teen Stars" or something to that effect. It's Friday at 1pm and it goes until 6pm.... no promises, but I highly doubt you can get through a top 100 teen stars countdown and not talk about the New Kids... I can think of 4, MAYBE 5 other teen stars... there's no way they won't garner a mention. So keep your eyes out for that. 

Finally - rumours of another tour after this one are becoming more and more realistic as time goes on. When asked, Jon Knight's response was  "Lets get through this one first! We are all open to the idea, I guess that’s up to you to make it happen." 

Others have also commented on it, and I have it from a VERY reliable source that **I'm actually not going to release this bit of information yet - don't want to spread it around because 1. don't want to get anyone's hopes up, 2. Don't want it getting out, being true, and having them decide to not do the tour cuz the surprise is ruined, 3. Don't want to get anyone in trouble** I'm sure the boys COULD come up with a reason, one that we'd be perfectly happy with, but nothing would please us more than another tour!! Especially me, so I can get my face time!! :) ((I'M STILL COMIN' FOR IT, DONNIE! NOW MORE THAN EVER!))

Finally, something I wanna talk to people about. It's not usually my style to address "haters," I kind of just chuckle at them and let them hate. It's really not insanely tough to tell everyone you're going to deliver an "ass kicking" over the internet, to tell someone to "bring it." It doesn't make one cool to trash talk someone from the safety of their dark living room, where the person cannot get at you. It's pathetic, really - fighting with someone on the internet is like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded

I am, however, human, and can only take so much... as retarded as it may make me, I won't hesitate to squelch rumours about friends, or defend people that need defending... but I also think there's a way to do it. Calling names and personal attacks is not the best way to handle things... no matter how much better it makes us feel. I've learned a lot in the years that I've been able to interact with online communities, and found that the best way to reach people is to address them as equals, speak to them intelligently, and not sink to their level. I achieved this in a blog post I wrote a while back, defending Mark Wahlberg and his acting skills... I spent a lot of time on it. It was well worded, thought out, and handeled, I felt, fairly professionally. 

I'm going to attempt the same thing now. If I fail - and if I do so, it will be miserably; there is no gray here, I'll either achieve greatly or fail miserably - I apologize, and hope I don't lose your reader...ship. *deep breath* Here goes.

Donnie Wahlberg lives for his fans. There are other things that motivate his life, I'm sure, but I know that he absolutely, positively, loves his fans. The screams that we let loose at a concert happen to be one of his favorite sounds... and I've honestly never seen anyone return the love for their fans more than him. It's one of the reasons he's my favorite. I respect him more because he's never acted too big to say hi to fan, to give out a hug and a picture, maybe sign a CD ((He will never turn down an autograph of The Block, that CD is his heart)), even hand out a kiss. 

And he, along with his fans, affectionately refers to this interaction as FACE TIME. He's out to give it, we're out to get it. It's an even trade off. 

But there have been rumours out there that face time isn't real, that Donnie is full of it and doesn't really spend time with his fans. When these rumours first started - before I even fully realized my boys were BACK - I brushed them off. Like I said, I don't really pay any mind to haters. But they got worse... almost as bad as the "Mark Wahlberg" can't act rumours. And right when I decided I couldn't handle it anymore, Donnie released a(n) NKTV episode, proving face time was real... addressing the rumours. And they died down, they stopped.... for a BIT.

Now they're back at full power and quite frankly, it's irritating. I won't say it's making me mad, though sometimes it does - but the fact that someone doesn't have anything better to do but trash someone that most likely won't read what they say makes me laugh in the end. What really gets me are the random readers of my blog - YES, I'm a Donnie fan. YES I'm out for my face time - NO I don't appreciate it when you send me messages calling him names, and saying face time isn't real. I don't appreciate being called stupid and brainless for being a fan, either. I understand that half the time, you're just trying to piss me off, because you don't even have blogs - you just create profiles to send me messages... you send me AIM messages and then block me before I can respond... real classy, San Diego... you spam my iGoogle and e-mail with lovely messages... and I'm not going to hide. You can all do what you want... but don't think that I won't eventually retaliate. It's been a long time coming, because I've been dealing with some other stupid stuff, but here it is, my rebuttle:

People, he proved it. He posted a video - he was in a waffle house, with other people! He was talking to them! Jordan just posted a video of them interacting with their fans. The New Kids on the Block community is filled with people who have pictures WITH Donnie, stories of their conversations, etc. etc. Countless blockheads will support all of my claims... but what I don't entirely understand is how you can still spam my inbox and AIM with messages saying it's not real when Donnie Wahlberg HIMSELF proved it to be real! It's absolutely mind boggling how you can do that... you have evidence, you have proof, and yet you still rabblerouse him and his fans...

You do realize that all that says to people is you're jealous of his fame and fan base?? That you wish you could be him so all you can do is sit in the comfort of your living room, or the basement in your mom's house, and write blogs trashing him, and sending messages to his fans calling them names and trying to dishearten them? There's a word for someone like that... I'll take the high road and not say it - but I said it once already, and if you were as smart as you are this word, you'll know what it is before you get to this part. 

Seriously - leave the man and his fans alone! And don't mess with the Face Time! It's as real as the nose on my face (phew, thank God I have a nose, or THAT cliche would have been worthless), and I for one am still out to get mine! Can I get an AMEN from my blockheads??

In the words of Donnie Wahlberg:




Joey never fails to post something that makes me smile. :) 

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you and with Jon. People need to respect them like they respect us. I'm going to my first New Kids concert in Salt Lake City with a cousin, and I just hope that no other fan embarrasses me or my cousin or the NKOTB.

Thanks Paula

Ana said...

hey girl, AMEN to the response of Jons blog..I want my boys to be safe, and if fans keep scaring them the chance of the 2nd tour are going to become nonexistent. PPL FACE TIME IS REAL!! I know people personally who have gotten their facetime so stop hating plz. Joeys blog is tooooooooo cute just like he is ;)

Dácil said...

I´m Emaleth Lebleu in NKOTB page, well i say AMEN JON, we love all of you, but we are adults now, we dont have 15 years old to go like some STUPID people.
I say i only want that all of my Kids are fine every moment, that they are happy and relax, have their space, and they decide when we can take a photo, sign the album and other things.
I LOVE U MAN,JON U ARE LIKE BROTHER THAT I´VE NEVER HAVE, so i´m very sad about the actions of other persons. We will meet in Düsseldorf, but i will go from Spain.
YES MY KID IS DONNIE TOO, the are crazy man, i love people who do everymoment all that they want, u are one of this persons.
I can´t understand the malicious mails to my friend, and WE KNOW THE FACE TIME IT´S REAL, but we can understand that our kids are persons like us, the can have a wrong day and we need RESPECT THIS MOMENTS, because we don´t want this for our person.
Well i want my face time in Düsseldorf but if not possible i´m so happy that i will see the kids in concert and take one or two photo group.
The video about the face time it´s cool, some friend tell me don´t ear that people say enjoy your M&G, and this is that i will do.
ALL MY RESPECT TO NKOTB, love all, this friend that write the blog have all the reason.

Thanks for the information, and sorry for my English i know it´s wrong but i think all people understand that i want to say.

Soooooooooo peace and love my dear, u have here a friend when u need me.

Bye bye from Spain Dácil Aïsha.