Why Donnie holds a key to my heart... (shout out to my Phelpsies and Pitsters!)

I am so totally lovin' the wind and rain outside right now, I can't believe I was missing the storm because I was so mad! I'm up late, yeah, but I like listening to the wind blow the rain around. :) It's funny what you catch when you aren't consumed by stupid rage. haha.

This may sound extremely strange to a lot of you - but I really, really, really needed to write this... it was either this, or cry over something really really stupid.

Some of you may know, I'm a fairly large fan of Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld... I started watching the show awhile ago and have since joined the forums and chat for the show - I've had chances to chat with a few of the hosts and stuff like that, it's been great... and I normally have a fairly pleasant internet life because I like to keep the peace... but recently, that's been blowing up in my face.

I recently quite writing on the Michael Phelps fan page wall because I was continually getting attacked for asking people to stop fighting - it sounds stupid, but there's really only so much abuse a person can take. I was done getting treated like crap for trying to solve problems... it gets old real fast.

Now, it's been happening on the Pit as well. To give you a run down, Renee used the word holocaust - in case you all are wondering, there is, in fact, a difference between holocaust and The Holocaust. I promise.

Anyway, someone decided to take offense to it... no big, I can see how there can be a mix up, even if this person went WAY. OVERBOARD. Someone in my community (goes by Viper) quickly assessed the situation and attempted to diffuse it by posting the definition of the word and stating that there was a difference, and that Renee meant no disrespect by it... at which point the problem should have been solved.

But it wasn't... this person decided to still freak out, telling Viper that he was playing cute, when he knew full well Renee was a racist... which doesn't fly well. I happen to talk to Renee a lot, because she was one of the first people that welcomed me to The Pit, taught me the ins and outs, and encouraged me to talk to Bill Schulz for the first time... and I know she is NOT a racist. As if that wasn't bad enough, she proceeded to go get more people to come and attack Renee... the whole blew out of control by the time I got there - at which point I addressed the situation, telling people that it wasn't Renee's fault that they took offense to a word that has a written definition. The thread got closed shortly after, and it should have been over.

But no. These people proceeded to go to Renee's page and leave her nasty comments on her page... I found this out when I went to go leave her a comment... and I'm sorry but that's considered TROLLING in my book, and that's not okay. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why a mod hadn't jumped on it and taken care of it. I was going to leave it alone, until I saw a "kind little comment" by a user who had NOTHING to do with the convo. NOTHING. She was just recruited by the Pit bully to attack Renee. And she clearly had no idea what was going on - so I sent her a comment, asked her to read the thread before she attacked Renee, so that she would know what we were fighting about.

I was still FINE by this point. I was NOT okay when the Pit Bully left nasty comments on my page, calling me an attack dog that was playing dumb and attacking other people, and insulting them... called me irrational and unreasonable.

That may not sound like much to you, but to me, that's major... I HATE getting accused of things I DIDN'T do, and I HATE being told I'm irrational... I'd like to think I'm not... I mean, it's kind of important to the whole peace keeper image to not be irrational and irresponsible. I always put a lot of thought into my posts, and I make sure I weigh all sides of an argument before responding - I'll even do research if I have to. So, to be called irrational by a person who can't be bothered to open a dictionary gets under my skin somethin' aweful. ((The only thing that gets me mad faster is when someone tells me I don't know anything because I'm too young.)) It was just INSULTING, and as stupid as it probably sounds to you, it hurt.

To add insult to injury, this person then went to an admin and complained that he was leaving the pit because of a "certain group of people..." and we knew who he was talking about. To be complained about to an ADMIN for no reason - it's like getting sent to the principle's office for trying to put out a trashcan fire. So I fired back. I responded as such:

You know, I don't think that's entirely fair... what about those of us that feel attacked as well?? I got my rump handed to me by *PIT BULLY'S NAME* today because he felt he needed to teach me a lesson for something that really had nothing to do with him...

Someone posted on Renee's page about something that didn't involve her, and *PBN* extended a thank you to them. I went and defended Renee - was not coaxed to do so - and Renee says nothing to me - yet we're the bad guys?

I get accused of sticking my nose into something that doesn't involve me, when in fact I was the second person to post on the thread in question... I was a part of that before they were... when they bring people in from the outside that have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything, and we're the ones in the wrong?

We decide to be the bigger people and not leave - we decide to put up with all of their crap... because we know that there's more to stay for... they decide to make a scene and leave, making it a point to point out WHY they're leaving, and WE'RE the problem makers?

Pardon my french, but that to me is BULLCRAP. If anyone should be complaining, it should be us, (which I finally am).

And what do you think happened?? Pit Bully got a slap on the wrist, and the mod posts a lame response which is more directed at me than at the person causing real problems.

I was so mad I could spit... you have no idea... I was just soooo mad... I wanted to cry. I had tears of anger welling up, on the verge of spilling out... In less than an hour, someone had taken a place I enjoy, and made me despise even saying it's name.

And this is where Donnie comes in...

I find it ABSOLUTELY amazing how I can be so angry I could spit, on the verge of tears, and reading one little blog can put a sure fire smile on my face. (I also find it amazing how I just said "sure fire" and LOVED how it sounded. haha)

"The crowds are getting better and better and better. How is this happening???? This is not normal on a tour... Especially in the YouTube era!!!!!! You all are supposed to get bored…. You are supposed to lose interest…. You are supposed to let up… You all are supposed to stop screaming!!!!! How do you keep amazing us night after night????? I am humbled every time I lift up onto that stage! I am amazed every time the cameras flash! I am moved almost to tears every time you all sing every word to I’ll Be Loving You Forever!"

(To read the whole blog, click HERE ... and I AM coming for my face time! It's GONNA happen! GET AT YOUR GIRL!)

I can't put it into words, I just love reading his blog updates. They're all a hoot to read - Joey and Jon usually bring the most laughs, but Donnie's are my favorite. I absolutely love how much he loves us... and his blogs always make me smile. I said earlier to someone else, despite his bad boy image, he seems like a really sweet guy... and everyone on the community that's met him supports that.... but I can't fully express why that made me smile... I can just say that for whatever reason, I went to check out the blog when I was upset, read that, and didn't realize till I was done that I was smiling. :)

On top of that, my Phelpsies totally had my back, too!! Big shout out to Ana - girl, your comment TOTALLY made my day! :) "It's Kick A that (the Wahlberg brothers) have a fan like you!"

And Patricia - you're right, cyber spitting on people IS fun!! Hahaha, you made me laugh with your convo, girl! "Hauck it back and spit at their imaginarry faces!! I love the idea ur on the titanic even and the r down below in the row boat and u can spit all over them lmao!!"

Sarah - you're right... I shouldn't let it get to me, it's really stupid to get upset over something like that... even if I win a fight with a keyboard, I'm still retarded, right??? *hugs* Thanks for listening to me rant!!

Hannah - true - at least we aren't crybaby pee pants... OR immature! HA! thank you so much for your comment - you have no idea what it meant to me to have someone say I am not only rational and responsible, but the most rational and responsible person they know! :)

Amber, Lizeth, and Liza - thanks for letting me rant, and giving me your input! I feel so much better!

Renee - let them do their worst. As long as we don't leave, we're that much better than them. We're just gonna have to take the high road... and when that fails, we'll spam our way to ban land! HAHAHA! (just kidding) let them bring it!! We can take it!

All of you rock. I realize I'm really stupid to have gotten so upset over all of this, but... my buttons were totally pushed, and I wasn't really thrilled about the outcome... so I probably won't be tagging anyone in this blog, just because it's more of a rant and if you want to comment go ahead, but I'm not going to force anyone to read it... hahaha.

But if you did actually read all of this - Say hi to your mother for me.

Get ya mind right... and save the drama for your mama! ((Just for you, Amber! HA!))


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