Happy Halloween, Face Time Update, and randome news!

As I type this, Jay and Grant are going underground and we're losing our Live Feed - I'll keep you periodically updated as this goes on.... I think the feed is smoothing out but if we lose it completely, I'll tell you... OR... if it cleans itself up, I'll let you all know.

A cookie goes to those who read "Jay and Grant" and know exactly what I'm talking about. XD

so... before I forget:


I know some of you may not celebrate it, but I figured I'd throw that out there. I'm going to work the Harvest Festival at my church... it should be fun, and a chance to see all the kids in their costumes. If I get pictures, I'll post them.

I'm dressing up as female Waldo - think her name is Wenda. I have most everything... I just need a beanie... I'll post pics of me as well, if I get some. :)

I also want to throw a shout out again to everyone who helped me out last night - I feel so much better now, having washed my hands of the incident. I'm not as angry as I was, and I know that I'm not caring as much because as soon as I started listening to New Kids on the Block, I felt sooooo much better. ((Speaking of NKOTB - apparently, Donnie is sick. :( He hasn't been feeling well, probably a bad cold but being stuck on the road with something like that, constantly getting swarmed by girls, it's gotta suck. So... thoughts out to you Donnie! Feel better! I'm still gettin' my face time you BETTER. BELIEVE. IT. GET AT YOUR GIRL!)) I also watched some HSM 3 music vids and listened to the soundtrack, so yeah, I'm fine today. :)

***UPDATE*** The live feed has leveled out - it's still choppy at moments, but for the most part it's clean. They've cracked out the thermal cam and gone deeper into the tunnels... hahahaha Jay just put his hood on and ran screaming down a tunnel... Grant is laughing at him.

got the pics today... so those of you that read my earlier blog post, here are some of the face time pics!!!!

Kohen, Reese, and Rachel - these three are so adorbs, I love spending time with them!

This girl is soooo sweet - I love my Reeses Piece!

Rachel - she was sooooo little when I started watching her, it's insane to see her all grown up!

KOHEN!!! This boy holds a key to my heart - love this kid! He's so cute and such a boy! I'm fairly certain I've dealt with more things with him than I have in my entire life... haha! He's always good for some laughs!

Group photo! Poor Dax - he's not used to me yet!
But this is a GREAT shot - different expressions from everyone! lol.

So - yeah, it was a great photo shoot. lol. I'm working on a face time album on Facebook... all the people I've met and taken pics with... I don't think I've got pictures of everyone I've gotten facetime with, though... ZOEgirl and Jars of Clay I didn't get... but most everyone else I did. :P So look forward to that, I'll try to post a slide show up here, as well. I have to get ready soon... *sigh* I totally miss my friends, I was thinking of Halloween last year when Randy dressed up as a mormon hahahaha... sorry. Memory lane...

Oh - update on last night - people are still talking to me about it... the "bad" people.... but I'm in a much better place because I simply DON'T. CARE. Hahahaha.

Hannah - *hugs* Again, you make me laugh. w00t. w00t. yah.

Everyone - keep sending me stuff! Love it!! Especially all the NKOTB concert pics you girls are taking! KEEP THEM COMING!!

Alright, I think that's it...

Get ya mind right.


Close To You
New Kids on the Block
The Block

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