NaNo Update!!

It's been a while since I said anything about NaNo. In fact, it's been since November 1st... and that post was scheduled and written ahead of time so in reality, it's been longer than that. XD

Basically, it's going well. I'm having to struggle to catch up on the weekends, but hopefully this week (week 3) will go much better (not as many extra curriculars). As far as word count goes, I'm at about 30K. The 2K a word day thing is working out pretty well... except for when I fall behind and end up having to pen something like 6-8K in one day, lol.

As far as story, I'm fairly impressed. It's just a first draft, so don't expect to read it in entirety (save for like, one person), before the second draft is written. But things seem to be moving along quite well. The uncovering of the conspiracy - which is what I was most worried about when coming up with this idea - is coming along swimmingly. And my writing itself has improved.

My characters have decided to take on a life of their own. When crafting them, I had a small idea about each of them, but each has changed in interesting ways. Astrid is far more mentally unstable than I thought she would be, Colin is an introvert, Kara's slightly immature, Caleb has a stick up his butt and I absolutely detest Haylie. Even Samuel is a bit of a jerk, but he hasn't been in the spotlight as much as the others have. He may change once I get to know him better.

My "villains" have yet to really be in the spotlight, but I like the Reckoning, at least. They seem to be coming along just as solid as Team CHECK. As for Nicolae, still not sure about him. He'll probably be something that needs a lot more revision in the second draft. As of right now, he's a pretty bad dude but I don't know a lot about him. I'm hoping that will become clear later on but, I don't really know.

The most fun part about the whole thing is finding connections in the conspiracy along with the characters. There are a few things they uncovered that I didn't know they would uncover (if you're a writer, that will make sense. If not, well, just smile and nod your head lol), and I got seriously excited over some of them. One of which was the introduction of a character from my last NaNo. O_O

As stressful as it has been at times, I'm having a LOT of fun putting this all together. One thing is for certain, though... I'm more than halfway done with the 50K goal and I'm nowhere near half way through the story. The game hasn't even started yet.

I'm really excited to see how this turns out, once it's all said and done. I feel like reading On Writing right before starting this was a really good step towards getting serious about it.

If you want to check up a bit more on my progress, feel free to do so! Here is my NaNoWriMo profile. The synopsis is updated, and there's a small excerpt!! :D

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