Andersen turns 1!!

click the pic for more pictures of Andersen and the party!
(located at Mary's blog)

So. My youngest kiddo is now 1. Does that mean I don't have any more babies??? Maybe not... but I'm pretty close. As fast as they grow up in the first year, they seem to grow up even faster after the 1 year mark... I think it's because they start understanding speech, and understanding you, and they start walking and climbing and having preferences and, all in all, turning into little kids.

But what's truly been a blessing about Andersen is he's probably the first kiddo I've had that was that young when I got him. I met Camden when he was around 6 months old but didn't actually start to work with him until much later. Andersen, on the other hand, I met the day after he was born. And comparing the picture of me holding him in the hospital to what he looks like now... it seems like it was yesterday and forever ago at the same time.

Sometimes it's really hard to realize how blessed we are, but having Andersen turn 1 was kind of a slap in the face. I've gotten so many wonderful experiences with these kids and their families, and it really truly has been a blessing. They keep me on my toes and keep my imagination at full throttle, and at the very least I can always count on their smiling faces to improve my day, no matter how bad or wonderful it has been. :) They won't be kids forever, though... so cherish the moments you have while you have them.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
~Ferris Bueller


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