That feeling, the one you can only say in French...

That would be, of course, Deja Vu. Basically, I know I've made posts like this before. My blog is barely hanging on, I've come up with some new and improved ways to bring it back to life, new segments, blah blah blah. And then I don't post again for another six months.

Such is life. However, I fully intend to change that this time (oh hey, there's that feeling again). Instead of creating new and fun and different ideas, I've decided to incorporate segments of my life. I figure, I'm 22 years old, almost 23. If I don't know what my interests are by now, I've done something wrong. So, I've decided on 4 segments that I can update at my leisure. Some of them may be more regular than others and I won't only stick to these four topics, but they are things that will happen to me at least once a week. These new segments are:

  • Adventures in Cooking! For now, located under the "cooking" tab (this may be edited to Adventures in Cooking once NaNo is over). I've found that I really really love cooking. And I'm not talking 'pop a frozen dinner in the microwave' cooking, I'm talking 4 hours of prep, Julia Childs, spend all day in the kitchen cooking. And, seeing as a few of my favorite blogs are focused on cooking, I might as well try my hand at it. This will not be a failed attempt like "The Bare Cupboard" was. Every Saturday night I will be cooking one rather fantastic meal, and chances are I will have never made it before. So, either that night or Sunday afternoon/evening, I will blog about it. Because I'm getting the recipes from some of my favorite blogs, I won't spend too much time on the actual recipe portion. For that, I'll link you to where I got it from. I'll blog more about the experience, the difficulty, little tips and tricks that I did, and basically how it turned out.
  • The Nanny Diaries! Located under the "Nanny Diaries" tab. I have been a nanny for going on 5 years now, and sitcoms couldn't duplicate the stuff I experience every single day. My kids are adorable balls of hilarity, and intend to preserve some of their more memorable experiences with this segment. I am currently working on getting my Montana experience down in writing, but other more casual posts will accompany this as well. I may also include some of the crafts/snacks we do as my kiddos work their way through the alphabet.
  • National Novel Writing Month! Located under the "NaNo" tab. This is a temporary tab (or at least, that's the plan) that will be posted yearly. It will go up around September and come down around December. Basically, these are posts that are related to my NaNoWriMo projects, be they character profiles or story segments or simply posts about my progress/preparation. The tab will link to NaNo posts of that year... for instance, if you click the tab now you will only get NaNo '10 posts. Once NaNo is over, I intend to replace this tab with NaBloPoMo posts.
  • Review/Preview! Located for now under the "Review" tab. This is probably the only segment that will survive from my previous attempts, though I may bring back "gaining my respect" under a new name. Basically, I like reviewing things, and I like sharing my excitement for things that have yet to come. It's one of the few things I really truly enjoyed writing while having this blog, so I'm going to continue it. This segment will review games, books, movies, music... anything and everything! As well as contain previews for things to come.

Between micro-blogging, facebook, twitter, and going "on staff" as a Random Ramblings author, I feel like keeping up with too many segments would be too much. But these few should be beefy enough to get at least one blog out of me each per week. So, keep an eye out for those! I promise I'll be updating more!


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