I'm getting one of my kiddos a fish for Christmas.

She pretty much earned it. This is my second Christmas as their "nanny" and I feel like this year will be easier because they're older. It's difficult when they're little because they're still learning what they like and can't tell you what they want... but with Kara in pre-school, I figured I could just ask her. So I did. "What do you want for Christmas?" I said. She thought for a bit and replied with "a fish!"

Well, that's kind of a "big" gift, seeing as it's a living thing. So I decided I'd talk to her mom about it but, just in case, I wanted to have a back up. "Is there anything else you want?" I asked. She thought for a bit - hard - before replying: "A bowl for my fish!"

At that point, I pretty much had no choice but to get her a fish. I mean, what an answer! Haha. So, she's getting a fish... I can appreciate higher level thinking. Often times, I feel like we don't give kids enough credit. They're way smarter than we think they are!

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