Meet the Characters of "The 11th Hour" Part 4: Razzi

Haylie Watson
Age: 19
Job: Photographer/Analyst
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Place of Birth: Upper East Edge

On the surface, Haylie is the most boisterous, out spoken member of the group, but is actually the most distant. This causes her to get into a good many arguments with the other members of the team.

Biography: There is nothing extraordinary in Haylie’s childhood. Unlike Collin or Astrid, her parents made no waves. They lived a simple existence, but Haylie longed for more. She developed a photographer’s eye at a young age, and received her first camera – an old Nykon antique her father restored for her – when she was 8.

She spent her days observing the Blessed, snapping pictures of them in their every day routines. She had an entire wall devoted to her pictures, and with every knew one, she longed to be one of them. As her life was, there was no way she was going to be able to make a living with her photos, but she was going to stop at nothing to make that happen.

When she was 14 years old, she learned that The 11th Hour paid participants for intelligence, including photos of participants and/or the targets that may help in the target’s execution. Seeing as this was the closest thing to being a paid photographer, she snatched up the first offer she received from a 13 year old veteran competitor. Her photographer’s eye served her well, not only allowing her to snag paparazzi grade shots, but also helping her to draw conclusions from the photo that others didn’t see. The payout was promising, and the next year she registered under a new title: Analyst.

For three years she returned, but only in the third year did she really see results. By then she was 16, and 17 year old Astrid Miller was the newest addition to the ragtag group. She was also the final piece needed to clench them a victory. But not just one; the team won three consecutive titles under Karalynn’s leadership, and by the second wind, Haylie’s dream had almost reached critical mass: She began receiving offers for her recreational photos. After their third win, one of the sponsors allowed her to host a gallery of her own work.

The same sponsor – a young Blessed museum creator named Benson Smith – informed her that a fourth title would ensure she get a chance to do what few Damned have ever achieved: the chance to turn her passion into a career. At 19 years of age, nothing was more appealing, and Haylie renewed her vow to do whatever it took to achieve her dream…

Skills: Aside from her outstanding analysis and photography skills, Haylie is very good at being undetected. Most people don’t realize they’ve had their photo taken until it’s on the grid.

Flaws: Haylie’s motivation is strictly monitary. Unlike the other 4 members of the team, she has no emotional tie to the event due to some sort of childhood trauma, and thus is the most distant of the 5.

Based on: Jessica Lucas

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