Confessions of a Sparklepire

Alright... so, this is based off a prompt given to me by Jenny. Here's the prompt:

Write about the word Cleave
Start with "I remember when"
And: character- about 6'2", balding hair with blue eyes and long arms. Plot: your character is very sad. Prompt: They would have been ok if they hadn't stopped for the stranger

I didn't keep all of it. My character is balding, the story starts with "I remember when", and my character is very sad. And they would have been fine had they not... bumped into... the stranger.

Just a side note: Prompts like the one above are VERY welcome... if you have one, leave it in the comments here, or at the Entwash, on my Formspring, or e-mail me at

Anyway, without further ado, here is Confessions of a Sparklepire, special thanks to Jenny Nagy!

(In case you can't figure out where to click to get to the story... click... HERE.)

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