Song of the Week: Dance in the Dark

Let me just start by saying, Lady GaGa wins album of the month.

Not because it's the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life, not because it's "musically amazing" or anything like that. No. She wins because she won me over so commpletely with Fame Monster, it's unbelievable.

Before, I could sing along with Poker Face, Paparazzi, and Just Dance, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I had no desire to run out and get the album, or even purchase the individual songs on the radio. I was content just hearing them once in a blue moon on the radio*.

Then Bad Romance came out and I had to buy it. I loved it so much... and then the album got leaked and, with the exception of Video Phone, I love every single song... mostly because I really like her voice. She does some very Madonna things with it, and I enjoy Madonna.

In fact, her Madonna-ness is kind of what made "Dance in the Dark" jump out at me. There were a lot of songs up for song of the week, but "Dance in the Dark" was the only one that made me wonder WHY I loved it so much. I've given it some thought, and I think I've finally figured out at least a few reasons why I love it so.

1. The "break-down" is very "Vogue". "Vogue" is quite possibly my favorite Madonna song ever. I love how easy it is to dance to it, how it speaks to being yourself and just having fun and being confident in who you are. But my favorite part about "Vogue" is the spoken break down... there's just something about how Madonna's voice sounds when she says it. "Dance in the Dark" has the same - almost EXACT - spoken break down. It's similar enough to where it has the same effect, but not so much as to say she ripped it off**. I absolutely love it.

2. The message. "Dance in the Dark" has a very similar message to "Vogue", though it goes about it differently. Where "Vogue" was very get out there and dance, have a great time, do your thang and be confident, "Dance in the Dark" is very your boyfriend is pretty rough on you, makes you feel like crap, and whenever he's around you crumble... but when you're alone - when you're dancing in the dark - you're you. It's got a very similar sense of self-confidence, though I wish it would focus a little more on DUMPING THE LOSER GUY. But that's for another song... lol.

3. The synth melody at the beginning. I'm not a huge fan of how digital music is getting these days, but for some reason, I adore the synth melody at the beginning of "Dance in the Dark". It's haunting and tragic, yet so damn catchy.

4. Lady GaGa has some pipes. She's crazy. She's unorthodoxed. She swears and sings about sex. But man can she sing. She rips in a very Natasha Bedingfield way. This song really show cases her voice. She does a lot of interesting things with it, and it's just beautiful.

That's really all I can think of... I just like the song a whole lot, and it makes me happy - in a tragic kind of way - when I listen to it.

If you've heard it, what are your thoughts?

If not, listen to it!

And then share your thoughts!

*I realize her songs get a lot of radio play... what I mean by this is that I listen to the radio once in a blue moon.
**I can see how some people might make this argument, though, so... um... don't hate me. lol.

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