I haven't updated in a long time!!!! Sorry about that.... But I guess it's just because there's really nothing to report. The diet is going really well, and it's not even hard for me to eat right now. As long as I stick to the abs power foods, I'll be fine.

Since I'm entering week three, it's time to start implementing exercise into the regiment. I've been doing a little here or there but, starting tomorrow, it's going to be strict and every day. My jeans are already getting baggy... I can't wait until the exercise takes hold!!! I'll keep you all updated as to how that's going.

A lot of people are asking when I'm going to weigh. The answer is: probably not at all.

My diet focuses on building muscle to help burn fat every day. The foods I consume are full of protein and omega 3s... My workout plan involves more strength training than cardio. Long story short: I'm building muscle and losing fat. However, since muscle weighs more than fat, my actual weight won't change much. Constant work with little to no scale improvement would only discourage me, even if I know I'm doing great. So, I figure, if the pants are falling off, it's working.

That being said, I will probably weigh in January just to see where I stand... Though I'm tempted to wait till February, just cuz thanksgiving and Christmas are so dangerus food wise. Lol.

But, it's Going well!!!! And I can only hope it goes even better once the workouts start. :)


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