Kidnap The Sandy Claws

Oh, childhood memories.

Since I've mentioned zombies twice in a row, I figured I'd venture down a similar path... the theme for August is TOMORROW (Yes, that means I plan on tackling yet another NaBloPoMo). TOMORROW gives the feeling of the future, that thing none of us can escape no matter how hard we try... and whilst watching a movie today, I realized... we wouldn't have tomorrow without today, or yesterday, for that matter.

The movie of which I am speaking is Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I got the DVD at a rummage sale for a dollar, and decided to watch it, because the Oogie Boogie song came on my iTunes. As I watched it, I was instantly reminded of how much I loved the movie, how many times I watched it as a child (yes, as a CHILD. Believe it or not, that movie existed before all the emo kids made it popular), and how much I adored the music. The story itself is very intriguing, and it makes me sad that not many movies are so interesting now a days.

However, the one thing that really jumped out at me was how creepy the movie was. Sure, now I'm not scared... but the movie is full of freaky monsters and what not, and I can't remember being scared at ALL as a child. Perhaps that's where my love for zombies and vampires (REAL vampires) and all that stuff comes from...

It just makes one wonder how many memories from our childhoods will impact our tomorrow.

This is my favorite song from the movie... second only to the Oogie Boogie song, of course... but Lock, Shock, and Barrel were such great characters, and this song is just good, clean - dark - fun!

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