My brother offered me some Powerade after our workout tonight. Like I do with everything else I think might be unhealthy, I checked the calories. What I found was something like this:

Now, that's a Gatorade label, but it had the same type deal*. What got me was the word (Energy). The way I said it reminded me of this:

That video makes me smile every time I see it. So ridiculous. BUT - my point is:

ENERGY DRINKS ARE BAD FOR YOU. You should never use an energy drink for energy. It's basically pure sugar, which isn't good for you to begin with, but beyond that, it has negative effects on your body if you use it in place of sleep and/or other ways to get natural energy.


I had a great work out tonight, full of improvements that I'm excited to see!

Like normal, I started my workout with a foam roll and ab workout. Since I haven't really described my ab workout, I figure I'll do that now.

I start with crunches with a weighted exercise ball. They're normal crunches, but you raise the exercise ball up at different heights as you sit up (3 heights = 1 rep). I do 12 reps of those, and I was really excited today because I was actually able to sit all the way up for most of the crunches, and I moved up to the 6lb ball. HA!

My other ab workout also involves the weighted exercise ball, but I can only use the 4 lb ball with this one so far.

I call it, the "twisting soul eater", because well... you have to sit up, cross your legs at the ankle, lift them off the ground so you're balancing on your butt, grab the exercise ball, and start twisting. You continue to twist and twist and twist until you die, and the devil eats your soul.

As you can tell, I am NOT fond of this workout. BUT, I guess it's kind of maybe affective, so... eh. I'll keep at it.

There's one more that I do with the big exercise ball, but it's hard to explain.

My strength training went well... I improved on most everything. The hamstring one felt the worst, but I made it through all of it.

AND - I made it 15 minutes on the elliptical today! I was so excited that I was able to increase my time by 5 whole minutes! WOOOO!

I ended my workout in the Sauna... it's so hot in there but it feels awesome when it's done!

NOW... moving onto the ugly...

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I thought I was doing well around lunch time, and I didn't eat any snacks, but I ended up eating dinner late... and it was pizza... and bread... :/ AND I didn't go to the gym. It was pretty much... failure.

But I'm hoping to be able to make up for it in the coming days!

Tomorrow I don't know if I'll be able to hit the gym, and unless I go early on Saturday and late on Sunday, I won't be able to go then, either... but I'm going camping with a friend that weekend, so we should be able to get in a hike or so. I also know for a fact I can't go on Monday - but that's alright. I'll be working with children all day on Monday, and should be getting enough of a workout... haha.

So, I'm hoping to repair the damage I did in the next few days... here's hoping!

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