I guess I should post something... so I figured I'd throw in a few fun little reviews for today.

Harper's Island: I just finished watching the season finale of this... and I don't know what to say. I will continue to rave about this show... I'm going to buy it when it comes out on DVD because HOLY CRAP. It's SO good! Any show that tells you it's going to kill EVERYONE, and yet STILL pulls you in... still gets you attached to the characters, to the point of tears when they die... it's ridiculous! My spoiler-filled review will be tomorrow, but know that it's SO worth your time!!! I still feel absolutely empty inside... I knew they were all going to die but... I'm still somewhat devastated... especially about Henry. :( I love you, Henry Dunn! I love you for EXACTLY who you are!!! Haha... yeah, I cried at the end. CRIED.

Harpers Island, I miss you already. :)

Saw 5: I've written a review of Saw 5 before, but last night I reviewed it for a friend who was new to Saw... so, I guess I'll toss it at all of you, in case you don't want to read the whole long interview.

"Saw 5 was like... it was like someone got a bunch of 4 year olds together, and they gave them some paper and some crayons and said "draw a picture, and we'll interpret that picture, and turn it into a movie." That was Saw 5. It was Sawful."

Twilight: I really haven't given this movie a review... until today.

"Twilight is just a bad rip off of Phantom of the Opera, without the music, and with a little more SUCK."

No pun intended.

That's all I've got. I'm still empty about Harper's Island... I LOVE YOU HENRY DUNN! *sigh* It was satisfyingly depressing... I wish it could have ended differently, but it was done very well. I'm just really sad it's over. Chris Gorham - I look forward to your next project. :)

that's it for today... :)

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