Spare a Square?

Bonus points if you guess the title reference... lol.

Okay - so... anyone who's known me for more than a month knows that I've been basically freaking out about this band, Theoria. They're a band from Azusa, a bunch of guys that took music theory together and decided to form a band (There's more to the story than that, but that's the Spark notes version). The first time I saw them, I believe it was the first day of their 12 days of Christmas tour... and I absolutely loved them... but lately I've had the honor of hosting them at our church here in Merced, and see them a total of 5 times in concert, so I've been able to see them change somewhat over time.

And I have to say, as good as they were when I first saw them, they are SO MUCH BETTER now. You know you've got a good thing on your hands when people come up to you after seeing them, and all say the same thing. "I figured they'd just be some local band, I'll go ahead and support them... but they were really good! I really liked them." :)

SO - what am I telling you this for?? Well... I honestly think they're good enough to make it big, and because of that, I've been spreading the word about them as much as I can.

Yesterday, Theoria was played on a local radio station in Azusa (I believe it was a local radio station, not entirely sure). That's a big thing for a local band... especially when said band is REALLY good. :) They also got... spotlighted (?) by a blog, and three of their songs are now available for purchase!!!

I know, I know... you're sitting there saying, "yes, Lauren, but what does that have to do with ME?"

Be patient, I'm getting there. The more you ask, the longer I take.

The way I see it, the more air time the guys get, the more exposure they get... and I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only one who sees it that way. I also know for a fact that if Theoria sells about 300 songs, they'll get $100 dollars from Soundstation.

HERE'S where you come in.


1. Go to
2. Select "CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A SONG" (it's the second selection in the whiteish gray area to the right)
3. Type "Theoria" in the search box and click search.
4. Click "REQUEST"

Step 2: BUY A SONG!!!

1. Go to
2. Check out the player underneath the band description (it may not show up in Firefox, but it should in Internet Explorer)
3. Listen to the previews of the songs (to listen to the FULL song, go to
4. Click "buy" next to the songs that you want. (each song is $0.99)
5. Check out.
6. Set up a Soundstation account if you don't have one already
7. Download your Theoria tracks and ROCK OUT!


And that's it! Now... just to clear some things up... this is not a "please support this poor starving band" plea... I realize that they won't appeal to EVERYONE'S music tastes, so if you don't like them, don't feel like you need to buy their songs just because... BUT - they ARE extremely talented, and I know a few of you that already like them.


"Miracle of War" and "Truth" are both on the new demo, but "Identify the Lie" is not (it's the "whoa-oh" song), so you can still purchase a song! :D


Give them a listen! They really are great, and at the very least, you'll be able to say you at least listened. :)


300 downloads is not a lot. How many of us download twice that in any given week? If we spread the word and get these guys out there, I'm sure they can reach that goal in NO TIME! So let's do our part!! If you like them, buy a song, request them on the radio, spread the word around! Good music is meant to be shared!! :) And if you get the chance, catch a concert and GET TO KNOW THE BAND! They're a great bunch of guys that I have the honor to call friends... it's definitely worth your time to stop and chat them up if you get the chance. :)

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