When all you've got is nothing, there's a lot to go around....

Holy craptastical pillarcakes, Batman! When was the last time I gave you all a real, hold-the-phone, pump-ya-breaks-cuz-this-is-worth-reading blog? It's been forever... I took a break from NaBloPoMo for a while to focus on other things... like not stressing out about what to blog about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But all that did was make me a lazy blogger. I've been looking around in my life every day for things that will inspire me to write... I listen to songs that touch me, or look around at the things I pass every day on my walks... and I am proud to say that I sit before you now (in a totally metaphorical, impersonal manner) with the honor of saying:

I got nothin'.

Really... I have NOTHING to blog about. There are little things here and there... but nothing that will turn into a blog post. It used to be that I could blog because I was bored... but now I can't even do that. I WROTE ON MY CANDY JAR, PEOPLE! IN SHARPIE!!! And I find it highly entertaining... get it? Highly? Cuz I used a SHARPIE??

I know, lame pun. My once interesting blogging abilities have been reduced to this. It's sad, really.

Somewhere, in this world, my blogging abilities are laughing at me. Like happiness, they seem to have found the best hiding spot.

You know what's funny? It's easy to get off topic when your topic is nothing.

So... now I'm just writing. I'm going to try to get back into the groove of doing this, and actually giving you something to read, not movie reviews (though Bottle Shock IS amazing, go go go! WATCH IT!) or game reviews or anything like that. But, I'm afraid it's going to take a while to ease back into things, so you're going to get a few posts like this. However, I've been reading Ali Rosen's blog, and I noticed that she will kind of blog like she's talking to you, and I really like that... so I'll try to do that a bit more. Maybe ask a question or what not, update you on something in my life.

Like today! InsearchofNKOTB posted a video on their blog today, confirming that Donnie Wahlberg DOES in fact Twitter, and it was kind of cool. Now, had it NOT been the real Donnie Wahlberg, would I have been upset? In the words of Kohen Culver: "OF COURSE NOT!"

See, in my eyes, Twitter is pointless... if you just follow people and use it to tell people what you're doing step by step through your day (i.e. I'm doing laundry. Now I'm walking down the hallway. I stubbed my toe.) then it's not only a bit conceited, but boring as all get out.

However, Twitter has the potential to be extremely fun, if you follow the right people. People with EXTREMELY interesting tweets, or excited ones... something a bit more showy than the normal update (I'm doing laundry vs. about to tackle the heap of despair better known to you all as "laundry") can make the whole twitter thing a huge ole' heaping blast o' great fun! I started following Donnie, not because he was Donnie Wahlberg, but because his tweets made me laugh!!! (And I can prove it... I don't follow Michael Phelps anymore... he's great and all, but his tweets are BORING...Andy Levy on the other hand... I still haven't forgiven him for making me laugh so hard I almost died... lol) I decided that, whomever was tweeting as Donnie deserved to be followed because he was FREAKING HILARIOUS!

So - random Twip for the day:

Consider your Tweeders (See what I did there?) and make your tweets fun!

It's really hard trying to make these things entertaining... sheesh. I guess when you've got nothing to blog about, you've got everything to blog about... I guess that's it for now... I'm playing a game with a friend and need to stop getting distracted... she's bringin' it today. Ciao! :D

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