Why is kitty sad? Probably because she saw this trailer...

If you know anything about Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, you probably just lost a piece of yourself. If you're a fan of either show, I have tissues at the ready. Don't be ashamed, I cried, too. If you're a fan of movies - I really do apologize for the pain this trailer has caused you. My heart goes out to you... honestly. I'm still burying the part of me that died after seeing this.

I've known about this movie for a while... holding out hope for it because, while it seemed ridiculous that they'd attempt a Dragon Ball live action movie, James Marsters was in it and I thought it might be alright. I got this trailer sent to me today after a brief discussion... here's what took place:

Jordan (6:47:45 PM): I can kill you with a video
Lauren (6:47:46 PM): lol
Lauren (6:47:53 PM): I can kill you with a toothpick...
Lauren (6:48:03 PM): my marine friend showed me how
Jordan (6:48:08 PM): so uh
Jordan (6:48:18 PM): you know that Dragonball is also being made into a live action movie right?
Lauren (6:48:27 PM): yeeeeeeeeees
Lauren (6:48:30 PM): kill me naowwwwwwwwwwww
Jordan (6:48:34 PM): okay
Jordan (6:48:38 PM): just watch this
Jordan (6:48:39 PM): and then you die XD

Just... why?? And Dragon Ball isn't the only anime they're hoping to ruin with a live action movie... no... they're talking about ruining Cowboy Bebop, as well!! I'm a tad more upset about CB, because I'm a fan of that... seen all the episodes and even have the animated movie on DVD... I mean, I knew about Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but wasn't a fan, and I lost a part of myself after viewing that trailer. Imagine what will happen when I see the trailer for Cowboy Bebop! *sucks thumb* And guess who's being cast as Spike Spiegal? Too slow, I'm gonna tell you. Keanu Reeves. KEANU REEVES! Don't get me wrong... Keanu Reeves is great... at being Keanu Reeves! And his acting style might actually fit an anime, but I think he's more suited for something like... Astro Boy or Speed Racer... not something as cool and magnificent as Cowboy Bebop! What bothers me more is that, CB is one of those things that is made awesome by the characters - and the movie can be destroyed if they cast the wrong people... I swear, I will go out of my mind if they cast Dakota Fanning as Ed... lol.

What I don't understand is why these people didn't look at the anime that did go live action, i.e. Death Note, Speed Racer, and Sailor Moon, and think that maybe this wasn't a good idea? You can see for yourself what I mean:

And THAT was one of the better done live action adaptations... it was absolutely ridiculous, but at least it wasn't a complete waste of time to watch. This whole thing is ridiculous... *sigh* Oh well... at least I'm THAT MUCH MORE excited for Watchmen and Halo Wars. :)

Let's get this!


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