I hope I get it, I hope I get it....!

I hope I get this post in in time!

I finally watched it! I finally watched it! Music Within is the most AWESOME movie!!! Ron Livingston did a fantastic job... it was a touching movie, and was very well done! I encourage everyone to watch it!

I'm currently watching Saturday Night Live - Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, with Taylor Swift musical guest! Watching it makes me REALLY wish my dream about hosting SNL wasn't a dream... XD

Okay, so, I don't have a lot to blog about, because I have EVERYTHING to blog about.

((Wow, NPH is hilarious. :D))

OMG... I can't stop laughing... they brought back the Samberg as Wahlberg character tonight!!! :D "Say hello to the cast of How I Met Your Mother for me."

I do need to apologize for my depressing story in yesterday's post, so I decided I would try to write a more, undepressing short story. I can't promise it won't suck. XD


"Okay, so, raise your hand if you've ever met someone that makes you want to rip your brain out." Taylor's friends stared at her outstretched hand as she sat in the booth. "Come on, get em up there... I know you've all met somebody like that, come on, come on." Slowly, her friends raised their hands. "Why are you raising your hand, Suzan?"

"Be... because, I've met someone that made me want to rip my brain out," Suzan said.

"Oh? Get outta town! Me too!!" Everyone exchanged quizzical glances. "Who does it to you?"

"Well it--"

"Awesome... sucks when that happens, huh? See, for me, it's that jerk from last week." Taylor flagged down a waitress and smiled at her as she ordered a cherry coke.

"Wait," her friend Lily said. "The one you thought was cute? What was his name? Um... Larry... Laurence..."

"Lewis," Taylor said. "And he's a jerk... I've seriously never cursed somebody's name so much."

"Are you serious?" Jordan asked. "The other day you were saying how awesome he was, and now... you hate him?"

"Yep, he's a... you know what?? Can we cut?" Everyone on set sighed, and Taylor stood up. "This is horrible. I hate this writing! What, did you guys just decide to give your jobs to children? SHEESH."

"Raise your hands if you've ever met anyone who made you want to rip your brain out!" Jordan muttered, and everyone's hands went up. Taylor looked around, crossed her arms, and let out a "hmph!"

"You know, I don't need this job! I don't need ANY OF YOU!" She stormed off the set and to her dressing room, slamming the door and staring at her reflection in the mirror. "I don't need them! I'm special! I'm VERY special!" Taylor smiled at her reflection... but her reflection didn't smile back...

"OOOO SINGSTR!" James exclaimed, scribbling the name down in his journal and closing the book tightly. "Don't stare at me!" He yelled at the other riders on the subway. He held his journal tightly, keeping it closed. As the subway stopped, he stood up and got off, heading toward the stairs that led to the surface.

"Hey!" Someone said behind him. He clutched his journal closer and picked up the pace. "HEY!" They said again. James didn't want a confrontation, so he started to jog. He could hear the people behind him start jogging as well. As he got to the top of the stairs, he felt someone grab him and push him into an alley. "I was talking to you! What was that thing you said on the bus?"

"Just a word," he said. "I think of them, and write them down." Someone else shoved him back, and he almost dropped his journal. "HEY! Be careful!"

"Why?? Afraid that if your journal gets dirty, you'll have to clean it?" Everyone laughed at the weird joke - everyone but James.

"You don't want my journal to open... you don't know who you're dealing with." The thugs echanged glances and laughed again, before the leader grabbed part of the journal. James and him were thrust into a vicious battle of tug-o-war. James clung to the journal, terrified of what would happen if what was inside was ever released...

Richard ran through the halls as quickly as he could, the footsteps of the bullies getting closer. He threw his body against a door and pushed it open, diving into the room and freezing. There was no way out. He dove underneath a table and pulled the chairs in front of him, hoping that the bullies wouldn't see him. They burst into the room shortly after him, and he held his breath, hoping they would just move on. The bullies approached the table he hid under and looked around. He felt like he was going to pop, his lungs crying out for air. After a while, the bullies left the room, and he crawled out from under the table and peered into the empty room.

Phew I think it's safe...

"Phew, I think it's safe," He said, then froze.

What was that?

"What was that?" He aksed, and clamped a hand over his mouth. Oh no, something's wrong with me "Oh no, something's wrong with me!" Richard looked around the room, terrified, and wondered if he was really alone...

"Who does she think she is??" Jordan asked, crossing her arms. Lewis, Lily, and Suzan all sighed.

"It's not worth getting worked up over," Lewis said. "She thinks she's the best thing this side of the... hey what's the nearest body of water?"

"Tachapee Lake," Lily said, smiling. "Yep, Tachapee Lake."

"She thinks she's the best thing this side of Tachapee Lake," Lewis said. "She's not going to change."

"Well, that doesn't mean I need to take her crap! You, know, I could teach her a lesson! If I really wanted to, I could---"

"You could WHAT?" Suzan said, cutting her off. "Turn her purple? Red? Make her clash with her shoes? Face it, Jordan... we can all act tought because we're "special," but to be honest, we're just losers."

"Hey," Lily said, sticking her lower lip out. "That's not nice."

"I'm not a loser," Lewis said. "I'm so cool, I'm measured in Kelvin."

"Thank you for proving how much of a loser you are, Lewis." Suzan said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm not a loser... and you know she'd go balistic if I turned her... like... green."

"Jordan, you can change the color of anything you touch. Lily, you know useless facts - which would be cool if we lived in a game show. And Lewis... Lewis I don't even think you have a power, you just don't make sense." Suzan shook her head. "And I... I state the obvious. These aren't powers, you guys... we're lame."

"I could turn her grey. Who wants to be grey? Not me..."

"I give up," Suzan said, turning to leave.

"WAIT!" Cali ran up to the four and waved her hands wildly. "I... I was just... trying to talk to Ms. Taylor... and... and she was talking to the mirror and... and... you'll never guess what I saw!"

To Be Continued!!!!


Sorry, I had a lot of fun with that story idea... looks like it's going to become a longer thing... but it's gonna be fun, I promise! I hope you enjoyed that one... I may make it one of my interactive fics, and put people I know in them... Jordan's already a character... well, I took her name. I'm starting to have fun with this short story thing... haha... but I'm thinking this one won't be as short as the others. :)

Again, check out Music Within... it's a GREAT movie! :)

Let's Get This!


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