The Boys are Back...

Okay, I have absolutely no reason to lie to you - I love Zac Efron! OH MAN! Home boy's HOT! I mean... dang! Some people just get better looking with time, and he's taking that to a different level... hahaha.

BUT - that's not the point of the post! A while ago - when I blogged about seeing High School Musical 3 - I mentioned that there were a few trailers that looked good, one of which was the trailer to a movie called "17 Again." I've been thinking about it, and realized that I haven't seen the trailer since I saw that movie, and couldn't figure out why... so I looked it up. I think the reason the trailer hasn't been anywhere else is because of the release date of the movie... but, when watching the trailer, I got sooooo excited for the movie again!

It looks REAL good! I can't wait for it... really. And not just because Zac Efron is so totally hot in it... haha. It actually looks like a good movie. Plus, I love Matthew Perry, and the guy from Reno 911 that's in it, too.

And it's good for me to be anticipating a movie that comes out in April... because Star Trek comes out in May, and I was dying after finally seeing the trailer.

YEAH I KNOW RIGHT? I think if I can keep myself distracted, though, focus on other movies in other months leading up to May, I'll be alright... right now, my movie schedule looks like this:

February - FANBOYS
April - 17 AGAIN

I can't wait... All of those movies look fantastic... it's kind of sad, though. With the exception of Defiance and 17 again, they're all Geek movies HAHAHAHAHA. Oh well, don't care! I'm a geek and that is never gonna change! CAN'T WAIT! :D



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