A brief taste...

Okay, so... I took on a challenge as of late.

Most of you know (now), I'm a fairly huge New Kids fan. I'm absolutely THRILLED that they're back, blah blah blah. But the one thing I never got a chance to do is collect all of their paraphernalia growing up. Dolls, posters, buttons, lunchboxes, etc. etc. etc. NONE of it. The closest I came was that New Kids towel I told you about a few posts back.

But I know some people that were WAY into that... and I've been talking to one of them. She has informed me that there were NOVELS written about the band... NOVELS... see, this is where I put my foot down. Unless they were actually Top Secret US Agents, or...or ninjas... then I don't really see what the point of a novel is. Movies, I'd understand. Cartoon shows... even that I can get. But novels? REALLY?

And on top of the uselessness - the pointlessness - of these novels, they weren't even well written. I mean, if you're going to write a novel about something that isn't really all that novel worthy, you might as well make it well written, RIGHT? I mean... she was explaining them to me, and the whole time all I could think is... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? This passed as literature?

I joked with her about reaching out to the New Kids community and pulling it's best writers and bloggers - I mean, let's face it... a lot of bloggers are EXTREMELY talented - and having them all work together to write a tolerable, readable novel. Who knows the New Kids better than the fans, right??

Either way, I blew it off... until a couple days later, when I got to thinking.

I'm not a bad writer myself - I'm not AMAZING, but I'm better than what was described to me. I've written a few fairly good fan fictions, and some little one shots that have been read quite a bit, as well as participated in collaboration fics that were absolutely fun to write and turned out quite well. Not to mention, I'm always looking for something to do, and it'd be nice to have a project to turn to whenever I was bored.

So - I've decided to attempt a New Kids novel worth reading. I have NO IDEA what it's going to be about, but I think I'll stay away from the quirks of eating everything in sight, or the crime fighting abilities. Just an interesting read of a fictional day in the life... without it being too rediculous.

There's every chance I won't follow through with this, but I'm going to try to start it and give you all a brief taste... it'll be a first draft... and keep in mind I never let anyone read a first draft of anything unless they're so this is a once in a lifetime thing... I'll post it here when it's finished. I don't know if it'll be a chapter or just an introduction or what... but it'll be a taste... so tell me what you think!

I'll post it when it's finished. :)


Done!! Go HERE to read the introduction!!!

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transplantedmagnolia said...

Novels HUH??? That's something even I didn't know about and I went to school with a girl who was as close to obsessed with them as you could get. Well, I for one can't wait to read what you write! Maybe you can set up a whole new blog for it and post a little bit each day or each week? Just a thought.

Lauren Ashley said...

I was actually entertaining that idea... I don't know though, I have three blogs as it is... and I tend to not finish them if I put them out for people to read... I'm doing it for this one really just because I need people who will go WAIT WAIT THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! lol.

I finished writing it... I'm having it mildly proof read, and then I'll post it. :)