Not with Donnie, no... BUT - with someone JUST as cute! Well, I should say... SOMEONES.

Most of you know that my first job when I moved out here from Texas was as a nanny for a family in my church... I worked for the family for almost 2 years now, and when you spend THAT MUCH time on a regular basis around a family, it's hard not to get attached... add to the fact that these were the cutest kids in the WORLD, I pretty much adopted the family as my second, and they adopted me. :)

Because of circumstances, I haven't seen the family in quite some time, so when Melissa called me today and asked me if I'd watch the kids for a couple hours, I was totally on board!!

I missed the kids like crazy, and they apparently missed me. I gave Melissa a hug at the door because, let's face it, I've got just as strong a relationship with her that I do the kids... but I didn't even get my keys out before Rachel and Reese started yelling "Nanny Lauren Nanny Lauren!!" It put a smile on my face!! And when Grammy dropped Kohen off, he took off across the lawn screaming my name as well!! It was awesome! But it was crazy disorienting to see how much they'd grown since I last saw them!

The most sobering thing was when Kohen ran outside to go swing. This is a kid who would BEG me to push him, and was now running out the back door yelling "Nanny Lauren, watch me swing myself!"

:( Talk about feeling useless!! haha! But Reese quickly fixed that when she asked me to carry her across the wood chips, and constantly asking me to hold her through out the night. ^__^

I got to make them dinner, which I haven't done in a while, and afterward we ran around outside for a bit, before cuddling up in the rocking chair and watching Cash Cab and How It's Made.

It was a great night, I would hardly even call it work. And then we did a quick "photo shoot" before I went home, which was great... totally got my face time with my kids!!! Reese totally loves the camera, and Kohen, OMGoodness that boy owns and melts my heart!!! He's my number one man!! haha! So, yeah, best face time I could have asked for! Wouldn't have traded this night for anything, EVEN the big D!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to my Donnie face time, and I'm holding out for the works - hugs, pictures, maybe even a kiss! (Get at your girl, Donnie!) But I'm more than satisfied with my Culver face time! :)

Pictures are on the way, we took a ton and I'll def post a few here! Look forward to that!

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