I LOVE when people send me stuff!

Someone sent me this link for this quiz, and I, of course, took it. The funny thing is... the answer doesn't completely suit me... especially when my answer to the second to last question was "enter quietly and keep to myself." Haha... BUT - here's my result:

Which New Kid On The Block Would Be Your Dream Date?

You should date Donnie. The only NKOTB that can match your wild side is Donnie. You are exciting and confident and love to keep the thrills coming! You know what you like and are not afraid to demand it�.and that makes your life unpredictable and totally awesome.

Find Your Character @

I feel like I should say - I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people send me stuff!!! Not that I've got a lot of readers, but if you link me to websites, quizzes, pics, songs, anything, I will post them here (if they are appropriate!) It's great to have something to do!!!

And, just to let you all know, I have a Max Payne review in the works, expect that by tomorrow at the latest. :)

Jokes are welcome too. Basically, anything you hear, see, watch, read, whatever that you want to share, send them to me, I'm more than happy to receive stuff!!! ((hugs))

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Lady Melchior said...

i have nothing to send you...

or I would.. :(

(btw, i am Hannah6)